Medical Mission to Africa

In Nomber 2017 I traveled to North Africa in Ghana to distribute food, clothing , life necessities as well as provide care for those in need of it. There were many people with diabetes but amazingly we only saw two cases of HIV: a mother and baby. Very sad because they can’t afford any anti-retrovirals. People lived in mostly shacks some made with mud. The people were friendly and very few saw health care except for mobile clinics like ours. We traveled across the coast and put up shop in various medical clinics. It was exhilarating.

War in Israel comment

We at the Canadin Nurse Practitioner hold hope for the war in Israel against the Hamas. All lives matter and we hope for a speedy return and recovery to those kidnaped. As well as innocent civilians in Palestine and Israel. The war against Israel is tragic and we all wish both paries will ceasefire. I pray for them in Israel and the innocent in Palestine.  Donna Alden-Bugden