To promote the role of the Advanced Practice Nurse (especially the Nurse Practitioner) in Canada. To promote the advancement of our role in the Canadian Healthcare System. To encourage Nurse Practitioners to advance their education with the hopes that Canada will eventually implement the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree in Canada and grandfather in all current NPs who are presently licensed.

Welcome to NPCanada's Nurse Practitioner Job Board

Welcome to the Job Board

Job Board postings are $80 per posting.
To add a posting to the site please send the ad(s) to me at DrDonna@NPCanada.ca and if you don't tell me how long to post it for, it will remain up for one year. Send the posting formatted in .pdf or .doc or a link to where the job is posted. Any other special instructions let me know and I will post it with it in 1-3 days.

Feel free to read all the jobs for free. No login is requires. Respond to the employer directly.